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Diocesan BEC Director/Priest-in-charge: Fr. Albert Bael

Diocesan BEC Program Coordinator (lay/religious): Dino Benitez


Is the formation of BECs a pastoral thrust/priority of the diocese? ___________

If Yes, when was the promotion/forming of BECs adopted as diocesan pastoral thrust/program? _______

Is the BEC as pastoral thrust reflected in the vision-mission & policies of the diocese? __

Diocesan BEC formation team/commission/committee? Yes __ No__

Are there Vicariate BEC formation teams? Yes __ No __

Is there coordination and collaboration with other diocesan commission in BEC formation? Yes

If there is, which commissions? CCD/Catechists, Youth, Bible Apostolate, Parish Formation Team, FUT (Follow-UpnTeam), Kaabag, Family Life Apostolate, WESTOY (Worship, Education, Service, Temporality, Organizing, Youth), PPC, BEC Comm., KAP, K1-3, BEC Coordinator & all ministries

Number of Parishes in the diocese: _______

Number of Parishes-with- BECs: ________

Number of parishes with BEC formation/animation teams: ______

State of Development of these Parishes-with-BECs:

Number of parishes in initial/promotion or piloting stage: 6

Number of parishes where BECs are established in most part of the parish: 20

Number of parishes with BEC that are fully established and fully alive: 3

Number of parishes with BECs fully established but on maintenance mode & stagnating: 24

Location of parishes-with-BECs:

Rural areas only-29 urban areas/cities only-4 both rural & urban areas-3

Social classes where BECs are found:

Rural poor-32 Urban Poor-14 Middle-class-22 Upper Class-2

Shape/Form of BECs:

chapel-centered only-3 chapel-centered with family groupings-28 cells only-4

others: chapel or zone w/ family, 7-13 clusters of family neighbors

Are the BECs considered part of the structure of these parishes? Yes-29

Are there intermediate structures for linking & coordinating the BECs? Yes

barangay level-13 zone/district level-24 parish level-18

Are the BECs represented in the parish pastoral councils? Yes-30

BEC gathering/assembly:

Diocesan BEC assembly/exchange _____

Parish BEC assembly/exchange-20

Parish BEC day-22

Zone or Arka Meeting-3

Programs/activities in BECs Related to Evangelization/Catechesis:

Basic Orientation Seminar-32

Weekly Bible/Gospel-sharing-31

Occasional Evangelization Seminars-19

Others: 5 modules of BEC Formation, BBS I & II, Pres-sac, CCD, CCRM, RIMT, Lectors, Stewardship & BEC Leaders Formation

Best Practices in Evangelization: Bible sharing, seminar, Kasaulogan sa Pulong, Recollection, Ongoing Formation Seminar, Bible Apostolate, Monthly in-service training of BEC Leaders, K1-3, Weekly MAKALIPANG, variety show by cluster, IGP, Arka Meeting, Cooperative, Bubo, Pahina, Hunglos, Halad Edad, Recollection of BEC Leaders & BEC Facilitators in service training, meeting, reporting

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern related to Evangelization: Rural areas, poor attendance, Kulang sa Pagtoon, Insecurities, No commitment, only women attend, occasional evangelization, lack of knowledge, Dili mo attend ang bana, Economic, poverty, laziness, low level of spiritual consciousness, busy sa trabaho, inactive members, lack of support from the parish priest, commitment of leaders, lack of participation of members, only few can share, lack of knowledge of the Bible, peace and order, distance between neighbors.

Program/Activities in BECs related to Worship/Prayer:

Regular BEC mass (monthly or bi-monthly)-27

Weekly Community Bible-Service/Celebration of the Word-26

Prayer service for the dead-26 Block rosary-23 Novena-27

Others: family rosary, BEC rosary, Parish rosary, Perpetual dawn rosary, Kasaulogan sa Pulong, Eucharistic adoration, Mananita, Prayer for the sick, Flores de Mayo, Sto. Nino Crusade

Best Practices related to Worship/Prayer in BECs: prayer session, block rosary, MAKALIPANG, weekly prayer meeting, Santos nga Misa, Perpetual dawn rosary, novena & food is served after prayer session

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern related to Worship/Prayer in BECs: poor attendance, no one will share, only women attend prayer session, laziness, students, travelers, migrants cannot attend, family centered, family service for the dead, lack of time, Dili mo attend kay maulaw, walay ipakaon kung adto sa ilaha and meeting, lack of commitment of leaders, walay snack, block rosary, dili tanan moapil, MAKALIPANG no snacks, Dili mo attend ang bana & Dili mo paambit ang tanan.

Number of parishes with BEC-based social action component/programs-186

Program/activities in BECs related to social action:

Mutual aid-16, IGP/Livelihood-19, Cooperatives-9, Sustainable agriculture-14, governance-4, political education-14, ecology-18, peace-building-6

Others: PPCRV Volunteers

Best Practices/Effective means in BEC-based social action program: Alay Kapwa, Livelihood, SUS_AG, Ecology, Monthly meeting, Pagtinabangay, Kalipay ug kasakit, Pol Ed, Verme culture, IGP & Kasakit org.

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern in BEC-based social action program: no follow-up, economic problem, laziness, poverty, untrained farmers, political ed, DSAC lack of follow up, Mining operation, governance & wala ka penetrate.

Has the diocese adopted the modified-tithing system? Yes-29, No-0

Number of parishes with modified-tithing system/Spirituality of Stewardship (SoS) Program in BECs: _____

Best practices in modified tithing/SoS in BEC: pledges, cetain amount of parish share in the pledges goes to the BECs Arkas, Love offering, BEC monthly meeting, donation, sponsoring, monthly remittance, collection sa mga alagad

Weaknesses/areas of concern related to tithing/SoS: no stable income of members, for requirements only, no follow up, delayed remittance, poorest of the poor, fully active during fiesta and need of sacraments, fluctuating, usahay malimtan, lack of knowledge, some members not up to date in giving tithes, lack of mechanism (collection, submission of remittance of pledges), gamay ra ang sigeg hatag & gamay ra pod ang ihatag.

Summing –up: Type of BECs in the diocese:

Liturgical-evangelical (bible-sharing & liturgical celebration only):All-1, Most-23, Few-7

Holistic (bible-sharing, liturgical with social action component): All-1, Most-7, Few-19


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