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Diocesan BEC Director/Priest-in-charge: Fr. Ireneo R. Gordoncillo

Diocesan BEC Lay Coordinator: Xenia Pinaga

Director-Diocesan Lay Formation Institute- Fr. Nitodel Soriano


Is the formation of BECs a pastoral thrust/priority of the diocese? Yes

If Yes, when was the promotion/forming of BECs adopted as diocesan pastoral thrust/program? 1988-Diocesan Congress

Is the BEC as pastoral thrust reflected in the vision-mission & policies of the diocese? ______

Diocesan BEC formation team/commission/committee? Yes

Are there Vicariate BEC formation teams? No

Is there coordination and collaboration with other diocesan commission in BEC formation? ____

If there is, which commission? ___________

Number of Parishes in the diocese: 60

Number of Parishes-with- BECs: almost all, 39 have structures & leaders

Number of parishes with BEC formation/animation teams: _____

State of Development of these Parishes-with-BECs:

Number of parishes in initial/promotion or piloting stage: most of the parishes

Number of parishes where BECs are established in most part of the parish: _____

Number of parishes with BEC that are fully established and fully alive: _____

Number of parishes with BECs fully established but on maintenance mode & stagnating: ___

Location of parishes-with-BECs: Both rural & urban areas

Social classes where BECs are found: rural poor, urban poor & few middle class

Shape/Form of BECs: chapel-centered and most of these are represented in the Parish Pastoral Council.

Are the BECs considered part of the structure of these parishes? ________

Are there intermediate structures for linking & coordinating the BECs? ___________________

Are the BECs represented in the parish pastoral councils? ____________

BEC gathering/assembly: Diocesan BEC assembly, Parish BEC day & Monthly gathering of the BEC Parish leaders’ representatives.

Programs/activities in BECs Related to Evangelization/Catechesis:

Basic Orientation Seminar

Family Life education

Year of Faith education

Education on issues e.g. Anti-RH Law education

Lives of Patron Saint during Fiestas

Marian devotion during the image visitation

Monthly in service trainings for BEC leaders

Area children catechism

Pre-sacramental Instruction

Best Practices in Evangelization: _______________________________

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern related to Evangelization: difficulty in gathering the members

Program/Activities in BECs related to Worship/Prayer:

Regular monthly mass

Weekly Panimbahon (Bible sharing)

Panimbahon para sa patay

Community rosary & block rosary specially in October

Novena to community Patron Saints during fiesta

Via Crucis during Lent

Best Practices related to Worship/Prayer in BECs: _________________________________

Weaknesses/Areas of concern related to Worhsip/Prayer in BECs: _____________________

Number of parishes with BEC-based social action component/programs: __________

Program/activities in BECs related to social action:

Feeding Program

Community Health Program


IGP/Livelihood Programs

Best Practices/Effective means in BEC-based social action program: ___________________

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern in BEC-based social action program: ___________________

Has the diocese adopted the modified-tithing system? Yes, but due to difficulties in collecting and a meager return of the envelops, almost all reverted to arancel system.

Number of parishes with modified-tithing system/Spirituality of Stewardship (SoS) Program in BECs: _______

Best practices in modified tithing/SoS in BEC: _______________________________

Weaknesses/areas of concern related to tithing/SoS: _______________________________


Summing –up: Type of BECs in the diocese:

Holistic (bible-sharing, liturgical with social action component)


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