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Diocesan BEC Director/Priest-in-charge: Rev. Fr. Antonio Billones

Diocesan BEC Program Coordinator (lay/religious): Polly Baes


Is the formation of BECs a pastoral thrust/priority of the diocese? Yes

If Yes, when was the promotion/forming of BECs adopted as diocesan pastoral thrust/program? 1987

Is the BEC as pastoral thrust reflected in the vision-mission & policies of the diocese? Yes

Diocesan BEC formation team/commission/committee? Yes

Are there Vicariate BEC formation teams? Yes

Is there coordination and collaboration with other diocesan commission in BEC formation? Yes

If there is, which commissions? Bible, Family & Life, etc.

Number of Parishes in the diocese: 55

Number of Parishes-with- BECs: 50

Number of parishes with BEC formation/animation teams: 50

State of Development of these Parishes-with-BECs:

Number of parishes in initial/promotion or piloting stage: 2

Number of parishes where BECs are established in most part of the parish: 35

Number of parishes with BEC that are fully established and fully alive: 50, as of Dec. 2012

Number of parishes with BECs fully established but on maintenance mode & stagnating: 10

Location of parishes-with-BECs: both rural & urban areas

Social classes where BECs are found: Rural poor-70%, Urban Poor-20%, Middle-class & Upper Class-10%

Shape/Form of BECs: chapel-centered with family groupings

Are the BECs considered part of the structure of these parishes? Yes

Are there intermediate structures for linking & coordinating the BECs? Yes

barangay level, zone/district level, parish level & vicariate level & religious organization

Are the BECs represented in the parish pastoral councils? Yes

BEC gathering/assembly:

Diocesan BEC Assembly

Parish BEC assembly/exchange

Parish BEC day (every parish founding anniversary)

Programs/activities in BECs Related to Evangelization/Catechesis:

Basic Orientation Seminar

Weekly Bible/Gospel-sharing

Occasional Evangelization Seminars

Every PPC meetings, inputs are given for the enhancement of BEC & PPC leadership.

Recollection-retreat for 2x a year at the BECs-Barangay & Parish level to deeper and develop


Monthly Masses in the BECs were homily is focus on communitarian way of life, participation and missionary seal of the laity to grow.

Best Practices in Evangelization: This is thrown to the BEC_PPC leaders that they themselves identify their needs & concern & the diocesan secretariat formation-training team coordinate closely with the parish BECs to respond to their needs.

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern related to Evangelization: Inability to carry out the regular program due to conflict of schedule, Inadequate/lack of resource materials and the use of testimonial experiences is encourage.

Program/Activities in BECs related to Worship/Prayer

Regular BEC mass (monthly/Bi-monthly)

Monthly/Weekly Community Bible-Services and sharing

Prayer service for the dead, praying the rosary before the mass & Patronal 9 days novena

Observance of the Lenten season at the parish center

Best Practices related to Worship/Prayer in BECs: Mass wedding of live-in couples-once a year, Mass baptism of adults-once a year and Barangay Sang Birhen daily rosary in different households.

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern related to Worship/Prayer in BECs: Low reception of sacrament of confession especially among the male parishioners, celebration of the sacrament of matrimony among live-in couples/the elder ones.

Number of parishes with BEC-based social action component/programs: 30-35

Program/activities in BECs related to social action:

Mutual aid, IGP/Livelihood, Cooperatives, Sustainable agriculture/food sufficiency, good governance/transparency/accountability, political education/citizenship training, ecology and justice & peace-building, medical assistance/Botica sa Barangay, Disaste Preparation & Management, Relief rehabilitation, Skills training, education assistance

Best Practices/Effective means in BEC-based social action program: Bayanihan, Damayan, Enabling people help themselves, Adoption of clothing & canned goods bank, outright material relief to disaster victims.

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern in BEC-based social action program: counseling & debriefing skills training, case management to persons & families in crisis to cope situation, developing the potentials & dignity of persons to attain renewal/changes/social transformation.

Has the diocese adopted the modified-tithing system? Yes

Number of parishes with modified-tithing system/Spirituality of Stewardship (SoS) Program in BECs: 10, however the program is not sustainable & regular due to movement/transfer/change of pastor. If pastor is not sold out to tithing the implementation stop.

Best practices in modified tithing/SoS in BEC: visible generosity of people, participation & involvement of low-income poor families is high but amount offered is low, modified tithing can help defray needs of the parish & should not be underestimated.

Weaknesses/areas of concern related to tithing/SoS: Education aspect of the program be done continuing for both regular givers and non-givers. The change or transfer of priest creates a lull or break for sometimes. If new pastor is not sold out to the program it will no longer go on. A radical policy on the program be formulated by the parish & diocese.


Summing –up: Type of BECs in the diocese/parishes: Holistic (bible-sharing, liturgical with social action component).


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