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Diocesan BEC Director/Priest-in-charge:

Msgr. Reynaldo A. Mabute & Rev. Fr. Rowan E. Gramonte

Diocesan BEC Lay Coordinator: Jo L. Guela (for the secretariat)


Is the formation of BECs a pastoral thrust/priority of the diocese? Yes

If Yes, when was the promotion/forming of BECs adopted as diocesan pastoral thrust/program? 1980’s but adopted as a pastoral goal in 2009-2014

Is the BEC as pastoral thrust reflected in the vision-mission & policies of the diocese? Yes

Diocesan BEC formation team/commission/committee? Yes

Are there Vicariate BEC formation teams? Yes

Is there coordination and collaboration with other diocesan commission in BEC formation? Yes

If there is, which commission? Worship, family & life, service, education & youth

Number of Parishes in the diocese: 28

Number of Parishes-with- BECs: 18

Number of parishes with BEC formation/animation teams: 18

State of Development of these Parishes-with-BECs:

Number of parishes in initial/promotion or piloting stage: 7

Number of parishes where BECs are established in most part of the parish: none

Number of parishes with BEC that are fully established and fully alive: 6

Number of parishes with BECs fully established but on maintenance mode & stagnating: 5

Location of parishes-with-BECs:

Rural areas only- 10

Urban areas/cities only – 1

Both rural & urban areas – 5

Coastal- 1

Social classes where BECs are found: rural poor-11; urban poor & rural-6

Shape/Form of BECs: chapel-centered with family groupings-17 & cells only-1

Are the BECs considered part of the structure of these parishes? Yes

Are there intermediate structures for linking & coordinating the BECs? ___________________

Are the BECs represented in the parish pastoral councils? Some only

BEC gathering/assembly: Annual Diocesan BEC Day

Programs/activities in BECs Related to Evangelization/Catechesis:

Basic Orientation Seminar (BOS I & II- modules contain the following: Salvation History, Christology, Mission of the Church, Holy Spirit, PCP II & Vatican II, History of the Diocese & What id BEC?)

Weekly Bible/Gospel Sharing

Occasional Evangelization Seminar

Best Practices in Evangelization: 1 year basic formation of community animators, community immersion, empowering community leaders from the BECs, catechesis for children & youth, encabohan bible reflection (cluster level)

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern related to Evangelization: lack of sustained formation program for the BEC, lack of resources/logistics, some are not full time because of financial needs & lack of one-on-one evangelization skills

Program/Activities in BECs related to Worship/Prayer:

Regular BEC mass (monthly & bi-monthly)

Weekly Community Bible-Service/Celebration of the Word

Prayer service for the dead, block rosary & novena

Pabasa (holy week passion), Aguinaldo masses

Best Practices related to Worship/Prayer in BECs:

  1. Perdon (dawn procession offered by the community for thanksgiving orintercession, protection against calamity or disaster)
  2. Regular bible sharing, bible study & recollection
  3. Active participation of people during masses, prayers (as some prayers are being sung during the mass).

Weaknesses/Areas of concern related to Worhsip/Prayer in BECs: poor participation/attendance, lack of ministers & altar servers & lack of integrated module for BEC worship& community celebrations

Number of parishes with BEC-based social action component/programs: 8

Program/activities in BECs related to social action: IGP/Livelihood (livestock production), sustainable agriculture (organic farming & organic fertilizer production), good governance (advocacy), political education (training/forum), ecology (advocacy and mobilization), and peace building (advocacy & dialogue)

Best Practices/Effective means in BEC-based social action program: organic farming, passing on the gifts approach (livestock production), family saving, social action programs re effective for organized BECs (community based approach)and spiritual activities such as recollection, bible sharing, community prayer rally

Weaknesses/Areas of Concern in BEC-based social action program: lack of an effective sustainability plan especially after the funding of the program

Has the diocese adopted the modified-tithing sytem? Yes

Number of parishes with modified-tithing system/Spirituality of Stewardship (SoS) Program in BECs: _______

Best practices in modified tithing/SoS in BEC: pledging

Weaknesses/areas of concern related to tithing/SoS: not all are supportive of the stewardship program


Summing –up: Type of BECs in the diocese:

Liturgical-evangelical (bible sharing & liturgical celebration only): Most

Holistic (bible-sharing, liturgical with social action component): Few


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