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On February 16, 2013, the Tuguegarao Vicarial BEC exchange was held at the pastoral center of the St. Peter’s Cathedral in Tuguegarao City. There were 288 BEC animators and leaders of Religious Organizations & Movements coming from 7 parishes belonging to the St. Peter’s Vicariate.  The gathering was organized by Fr. Gerry Perez, BEC program priest-in-charge of the vicariate and parish priest of St. Peter’s Cathedral parish.

The BEC exchange started at 8:30 am with the Bible-exposition. This was followed by the welcome address by Fr. Gerry Perez. At 9:00, a talk on “the Nature and Function of BECs” was given by Fr. Amado Picardal – the Executive Secretary of the CBCP-BEC Committee. Following the talk, representatives from the seven parishes gave their reports on the development of the BECs in their respective parishes. After the lunch break, Fr. Picardal gave his second talk on “Forming Sustainable BECs.” This was followed by an open forum. Finally, the archdiocesan pastoral director, Fr. Edgar Agcaoli, presented the “road map” that the archdiocese is following in the formation of BECs. The vicarial exchange ended after the Mass presided by Fr. Perez.

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