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Mk 10:2-16


Many, many years ago most of the products like refrigerators and cars were built to last. If these were broken, then we had them fixed or repaired.

Nowadays, our products are no longer built to last. If there is something wrong, we just replace them. If we are no longer happy or satisfied with our cell-phones, computers,  cars, etc, we just throw them away and buy a new model. This consumerist mentality has affected our view of marriage and is weakening the family that is supposed to be the pillar of society and the church
So if there are problems between husband and wife the immediate solution is separation or divorce. There is no attempt to fix a broken or damaged relationship.  If you don’t like your wife anymore, if you no longer feel that passionate and magical feeling, then replace her and look for someone younger and prettier with whom you can fall in love with. Marriage is now a temporary alliance or a life-sentence that one should escape from.
In our Gospel today, Jesus expresses his view about marriage and divorce. Jesus does not favor divorce. For him, the marriage bond between a man and a woman is sacred and permanent. This is what God has intended from the very beginning.  Marriage is a lifetime commitment and the foundation of a stable family where children can grow in a atmosphere of love and care.
If you want to be able to celebrate the golden jubilee of your wedding. There are some policies that has to be observed:
The first, No ID no Entry. This means that before you enter into marriage, make sure that you know each other very well – the good side and the bad side.
The 2nd, No Return no Exchange – if things go wrong, know that you cannot return or exchange your husband or wife. If there are any problem, fix it or repair it.
3rd policy. No retreat, no surrender. When faced with problem or crisis, don’t give up on each other – keep trying. Be prepared to forgive each other.
4th policy. BFF. Be friends forever. The magical, romantic and passionate feeling will not last. The solid foundation of marriage love is the deep friendship, respect and partnership between husband and wife.
When these policies are  observed, a man and woman will grow together in love, with their children, through the years.

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