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On September 29, 2012, some 180 BEC coordinators, formators and promoters from the National Capital Region gathered at the Formation Center of the Pasig diocese. The delegates came from eight dioceses: Manila, Paranaque, Pasig, Kalookan, Cubao, Novaliches, Antipolo and Malolos. The topic of the forum: BECs in the City. The gathering started with an opening liturgy at 7:30 am. After the welcome address of Fr. Orly Cantillo of the diocese of Pasig and the orientation of Mr. Tatang Mendoza, representatives from each diocese presented their reports on the state of the BEC program and the best practices in forming BECs. The report show that BECs are thriving in the urban centers and cities, that majority of the parishes in each diocese have already BECs in various stages of development, that BECs are existing in urban poor communities, middle and upper class subdivisions and in condominiums. After the reporting, Fr. Amado Picardal of the CBCP-BEC committee shared his synthesis and reflections on the viability and best practices of forming BECs in the cities, the difficulties and the challenges they face and the need for creativity in their search for more appropriate approaches and means in evangelizing, organizing and mobilizing BECs for social transformation. After the closing remarks of Tatang Mendoza, the forum had the closing Eucharist presided by the bishop of Pasig РMost Rev. Mylo Hubert Vergara Рand concelebrated by Bishop Honesto Ontiongko (diocese of Cubao) and eight priests.

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  • Karl S. Comiling

    says on:
    October 15, 2012 at 12:47 am

    It was a blessing for me to be part of this very special BEC-NCR Forum last September 29, 2012. The event was really meaningful and inspiring, especially for us BEC workers. Indeed, it was encouraging to see co-BEC workers and leaders from different dioceses belonging to BEC-NCR gathering together to share stories of BEC building in each diocese. It was full of excitement for participants. I hope that that significant event will ignite each one of us to work more committedly to the task of BEC building.

    I hope that the next BEC-NCR Forum will have a longer time (whole day!) so that there will be more ample time to interact among each other.

    By the way, for 2013, I suggest that instead of having a consolidated BEC-NCR BIG BIG Day to be held in just one venue (as it was initially talked about during preliminary meetings) , may be it would be better if the dioceses under the BEC-NCR will agree to organize a simultaneous Diocesan BEC Big Day in each diocese, with one theme.

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