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Mk 9:30-37


The desire for position of power and authority occupies the mind and heart of so many people. This is very evident in many politicians – that is why there are many who aspire for high positions. For many people, what matters most is to occupy top positions and use these positions as means to enrich themselves, to control and dominate other people, or to become well known.

Even some of the disciples of Jesus were preoccupied regarding their position in the Kingdom of God. They were arguing among themselves, who was the greatest, and who should occupy the place of honor. According to Jesus, whoever wants to be the greatest must be the servant of all.

Today, the words of Jesus continues to be fresh and relevant. Whatever position we may be occupying in civil society, the Church or Basic Ecclesial Community, it is important to constantly ask ourselves, how we can be a more effective servant of people. Jesus calls us to exercise our authority and leadership in the spirit of service – he calls us to become servant leaders. We should not be pre-occupied with pursuing our personal interest – whether it means more wealth, more power, more prestige – rather, we should constantly seek ways to be of greater service to our community and society.


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  • Caesar

    says on:
    September 23, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    My comment to the Readings and to the Gospel for today (September 23, 2012) is that true service to the Almighty Father and to the community starts with us individually knowing what is our respective mission here.

    This can be fully understood if many of us know the essence of the cry of a baby. If we truly know what the Father intends of us here, we have to follow his will, obey his law (the Law of Righteousness) by being righteous in our words, thoughts, actions and belief(or faith) always, and always praying/reflecting on the Words of God.

    Each of us has his own mission in life that God has intended and it is in this line that we should base the type of service we do for our fellowmen. Example, if one knows that God intended him to be a doctor, then by all means he/she should practice the profession in the utmost righteous manner (being righteous in thoughts, words, actions and belief) in giving service to the community.

    Thus the key in being a good servant is knowing first what is really our mission that the Almighty Father has intended for us to do during our lifetime here on earth. Only then by being righteous in our thoughts, words, actions, belief; daily praying on the Word of God and following His will of every mission He send us, we can truly serve as the Father wanted us to be.

    Thank you very much.



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