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4th BEC National Assembly

Explanation of the logo

The People represents the BEC Communities and its diverse membership: the young and the old, the parents and their children, the families and their neighborhood, the rural and the urban dwellers, the lowland and the indigenous peoples, the Christians and the non-Christians, the ordained and the laity. Its dynamic depiction speaks of the joy and fulfilment of being at the service of God and others, and our heartfelt gratitude to God for the gift of the BEC’s 50-year journey.

The Flag (Blue, Red and Sun) represents our Philippine Nation. Inspired by the love for God and country, its flame-like illustration, coupled with the peoples’ lively portrayal within it, speak of the enthusiasm and eagerness of BECs in the Philippines to become agents of renewal for the Church and the Philippine society bringing about new expressions of ecclesial and societal life, new ways of forming basic ecclesial, Christian and human communities, and new orientation as regards mission and service.

The Gold color speaks of the momentous 50-year Journey of BECs in the country starting with its establishment in the Davao Region in 1969.

The Theme, “Discerning the Challenges of the BEC Journey in the Light of the New Evangelization,” re-echoes Vatican II’s battle cry for “ressourcement” and “aggiornamento”. It invites BEC practitioners to look back and learn from the journey BECs in the Philippines underwent these past 50 years and look ahead with hope towards the renewal and challenges that await BECs as the Philippine Church traverses the 500th Year of Christianization and as the Universal Church continues to invite people worldwide to embrace the spirit of New Evangelization.