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On March 14, 2012 – the clergy of the diocese of Kalookan, led by Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, gathered at the John Paul II center of the Grace parish for a forum on BECs.
The  Objectives of the Forum were as follows:

1. Levelling-off of BECs in all parishes in the

2. To come up with recommendations to foster and
enhance BECs in the Diocese

At 9 am, the Forum started with an opening liturgy and welcome address of Fr. Rudy Abao MSC – the diocesan BEC priest-ministery. This was followed by an inspirational talk delivered by Bishop Iniguez. Then Fr. Amado Picardal of the CBCP-BEC committee gave a presentation on “Developing BECs in Urban setting.

After the merienda break, a plenary discussion was held. These were the guide Questions :

1. What are your hopes and fears in establishing BECs  in your parish?

2. What are the challenges and immediate priorities with regards to achieving the No. 5 Priority of the Diocesan Pastoral  Plan?

3.  What are your recommendations?


By 11:45 am, the forum ended with the final message and blessing by Bishop Iniguez.

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