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  1. Community Description :

  2. No. of families – 150 households 
    Economic status – 60 % below poverty 
    Social conditions – Ave. 80 % govt. and non-government employees 
    Distinct features – High awareness 

  3. Organizing Process
    1. Household census
    2. Zoning
    3. Assembly meeting
    4. Spot map
    5. Election of officers
    6. Meeting and formation of leaders through seminars
    7. Bi-annual consultation and assessment
    8. Planning implementation, monitoring, consultation – cylcle (every 2 yrs.)

  4. Story :

The community is a sub-division area comprising 3 zones with 50 households/zones. The community was organized into BEC zones 10 years ago. The zone /BEC officers served for two years. Their pastoral plan is integrated into the parish plan. Notable features of the BEC : unity and cooperation, regular worship, medical services twice a year, strong family life, positive relationship with one another and peace and order of the community and families well maintained. Weekly formation is given in an assembly. 

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