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    • Community Discription
      • Bgy. Amurao is a “Katoliko Sirado” with a population of 150 families. Farming is their main source of living and they are very religious.
    • Organizing
      • in1998 Cabatuan Parish launched an Evangelization program and Amurao was chosen as Pilot area
      • 3-day input was given to the resident
      • formation of cell group and holding faith sharing led by the Punong Bgy.
      • Immersion by the Carmelite seminary / BEC animation
      • Community celebration : Christmas party where indigenous became their beneficiaries of gift-giving ; love offering for the poor, dinner for Christ, Agape and inculturated mass during fiesta ; medical mission and renewal of family relationship were conducted.
    1. Story :
    2. Amurao is a Bgy. in Cabatuan. The population of the place is almost solid Catholic, but most of them are “unchurched.” In 1998 an evangelization program was launched ; a three-day input was given to the residents, after which the people agreed to start BEC by holding faith sharing led by the Punong Barangay. By the help of BEC the communitarian spirit in Bgy. Amurao slowly crystallized. Groups came to see how they tried to love one another. First the Carmelite seminarians and the BEC animator on Dec. 22, 1998 organized the residents for community celebration by holding Christmas party where indigents became the beneficiaries of gift-giving. On Jan. 1999, two German exposurist came, one was Bishop and the other was a lay woman.

      The constant interaction with them gave birth to several other activities such as love offering for the poor, dinner for Christ and sponsoring inculturated mass every first Saturday of the month. In year 2000, they had an Agape and inculturated mass in the community during fiesta. Medical mission and renewal of family relationship were conducted.

    3. Reasons for Success :
      • Constant interaction through the Word of God by holding faith sharing and other several activities
      • Mutual concern and intimacy is manifested by helping one another especially during adversities and calamity


5. Learnings and Insights from Experience :


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