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On September 2-5, 2011 BEC practitioners representing several countries in Asia gathered  in Taipei to report on the state and development of BECs in their respective countries. The meetings which was held in the One World Communities Services Center  focused on the theme: BECs in Asia 50 years after Vatican II. This was one of the several meetings in various continents (Africa, Latin America & North America) in preparation for the Intercontinental BEC Conference which will be held in Tubingen, Germany next year 2012.

The Conference started on Sept. 2, Friday at 4:30 pm with the introduction of  the organizers and participants, orientation to the meeting and the opening liturgy. Dinner followed.

The second day (September 3) was spent mostly on reporting from various Asian countries: Philippines (Fr. Amado Picardal, CSsR), Malaysia (Ms. Agnes Khoo), Indonesia (Fr. Adi Susanto, SJ), Korea (Dr. Bibiana Kho), China/Taiwan (Ms. Cora Mateo), Sri Lanka (Fr. Emmanuel Ravichandran), India (Mr. Gordon Morris).

On the third day (September 4), after attending Chinese Mass in a nearby parish, the two resorce persons/theologians shared their reflections. Fr. Michael Amaladoss, SJ talked about “Globalization and Community: The Challenges of the Modern World to the BECs.” Dr. Agnes Brazal talked about “The BECs in the Late Modern World: Church as Bridge of Solidarity.” The conference ended at 1 pm with a closing liturgy followed by lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent in a city tour where the participants visited the Interreligious Museum and a Buddhist Temple. They had lauriat dinner with Archbishop John Hung of the Taipei archdiocese.

The conference was sponsored by Missio-Aachen and organized with the help of Dr. Estela Padilla and the Bukal ng Tipan staff (Alelli) and the Teresianas of Taiwan. The Missio was represented by Ms. Irmgard Icking and Raphael.

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