BECs in the Diocese of Palo

    • Community description
      • Three (3) lay workers (2 partimers, 1 full timer)
      • Three (3) Priests : 1 SAC Director ; 2 Assistants (Western & Northern)
      • Activities :
        • Monthly regular meeting, planning or when the need arises
        • Conduct of trainings, demos, monitoring, consultation
          • Existing BECs
  • San Jose Tacloban City – 20 cells – 480 households
      • one (1) lay worker
      • 10 BEC area leaders as BEC parish ADHOC team
      • weekly regular Bible sharing
      • regular meeting
      • regular mass
      • socio-economic activities
      • sustainable agriculture (MASIPAG demo rice technology)
      • conduct trainings
        - 7 BEC area leaders
        - 2 BEC cells = 18 families
        - Regular meeting
        - Weekly Bible sharing- Livelihood : sustainable agriculture (MASIPAG Rice Technology)
    • - 4 areas
      Activities :- 3 BEC staff composed of one preist and two lay
      - 6 BEC parish team
      - 8 BEC area leaders
      - 480 families
      - Pig dispersal
      - Launching the 1st BEC
      - mo. regular BEC team mtg. ; staff & Team
      - mo. regular BEC staff meeting
      - weekly Bible sharing/cell/ area
      - regular monthly area mass
      - IGP / CBU in one area ( rice retailing )
      - livelihood : swine dispersal for active area members & leaders
      - monthly cell leaders’ meeting
      - conduct of trainings – formative and capability bldg.

      Sta. Fe - 101 Households

      Strength : support & commitment of Church workers* San Juaquin Parish

      - Meeting
      - Orientation on BEC
      - Bible sharing
      - MASIPAG demo trial farm
      Burawen Parish

    • Strength : supportive Parish Priest and active PPC and WESTY and leaders from orgs.
    • Plans : 2003 : to expand / add four (4) areas
    • BOS on BEC for leveling off
    • BTR Biblical History of Salvation – God & Man
    • Facilitating skills (faith-life Bible Reflection Seminar)
    • Community Organizing Skills for BEC formation
    • Leadership Training ( 2 parish )
    • MASIPAG orientation seminar in Burauen, San Juan, Palo & Sta. Fe
    • Integral Values Formation
      • Fraternal Corrections
      • Christian Family
    • 8. Conduct BOS on BEC to 10 Theology Seminarian students

  • Seminar conducted :

  • Story :
      We started last Nov. 23-25, 2001 on those dates we conducted Seminars and skills training on community organizing. Ten parishes were invited but only 5 parishes responded. Eighteen individuals attended from the following parishes, Alang-alang, Sta. Fe, San Joaquin, Burauen and Pastrana. After the seminars we have created contact groups which compose of one person from each parish to be able to monitor possible activities for social action for each parish.San Jose Parish has not attended the seminar but they have requested to set another time for them to reopen their BEC program in the parish. Last Jan. 2002 the social action staff gave a Basic Orientation Seminar for the 26 members of their parish evangelization team and some other leaders of their parish. The result of this activity made the parish create an ADHOC BEC team immediately, and the hired one BEC worker.

      The SAC staff immediately went to Alang-alang for a consultation meeting for the planning of their BEC. The one who have attended the seminar where the ones chosen to be the members of the ADHOC BEC team of the parish, during the consultation meeting with MSGR. Villanueva. During the meeting 3 Barangays where chosen as BEC pilot areas and planning for activities where also done.

    • There must be area visitation every time when the parish priest has a Mass in the area.
    • Must give seminars for the clearing out of ideas as an activity for the first phase.
    • Must set schedules for regular meetings.
    • In Sta. Fe the BEC introduced to five pilots areas through the monthly masses of the parish priest Fr. Isagani P. Petilos. There are 10 individuals who attended the Basic Orientation seminar for BEC and Skills Training on Community Organizing. Contact persons are also elected per areas.

      In Burauen the BEC was introduced in one pilot area which is Barangay Manghubas, this Barangay was chosen because of the Parish owned the rice fields. In order that the parish could help the rice farmers in the area multiply their harvest, and community building will be introduced to them. After the consultation a plan was established for the BOS at the community level.

      In San Joaquin the two contact person who attended the seminar in community organizing skills training did not immediately respond. There activities only depend on the go signal and decision of their parish priest. After nine mons., Dec 2001 – Aug. 20-21, 2002 one organized cooperative group in Sitio Tahao Brgy. Sta. Elena requested for a BEC Orientation seminar. The result was that the cooperative have a BEC group in order for them to implement the MASIPAG rice farming technology.

      In Palo the SAC staff visited the parish priest in order to inform him about the plan to form a BEC group in Bgy. Capirawan, in order for this barangay to have a demo trial farm for the MASIPAG implementation. The area was also visited by the SAC staff and a consultation meeting was called for setting the time for the Basic Orientation Seminar. Then BOS seminar was finally conducted and they were able to form a BEC ADHOC Team.

      In Pastrana there was one contact person who attended the seminar but they did not respond because the parish priest was transferred.