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On November 8, 2014, the Diocese of Paranaque held the 10th Diocesan BEC Day at the Diocesan Center for Evangelization, in Sucat, with the theme:
“Damayan sa Kabanalan at Kabayanihan Tungo sa Pagbabago ng Kapitbahayan”

Over 200 BEC leaders and members from 6 vicariates have attended and actively participated in whole day event. Below is the program of activities:

1. Registration of participants & guests
2. Animation numbers
3. Invocation
4. Acknowledgement of delegates
5. Welcome remarks
6. The Status of the Commission Report (SCORE)
7. Raffle Draws (am/pm)
8. Energizers
9. The BEC Song Writing Contest- Its objectives & Guidelines
10. Presentation of the Song Writing Contest Entries (am/pm)
11. Snack Break (am/pm)
12. Personal Sharing of Vicariate Representatives on: “Paano Ko Isinasabuhay ang Kabanalan at Kabayanihan”
13. Lunch Break
14. Line Dancing
15. Awarding of Certificates of Recognition & Cash Prizes to the Vicariate Finalists in the Song Writing Contest & Announcement of Winner
16. Closing Song: “Magpasalamat”
17. Eucharistic Celebration

Some priests and nuns have also attended the program. Bishop Jesse Mercado dropped in and gave a short message to delegates.

Patricio Cablao, Diocesan BEC Lay Coordinator gave a report entitled “THE STATE OF THE COMMISSION REPORT (SCORE) FOR 2014.”

At the start of the year the members of the Diocesan BEC Commission sat down a formulated and disseminated the commission’s objectives or flagship programs and the goals for 2014 to wit:

1. In 2014 and beyond, to generate acceptance, participation and formation of Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) as a “ Way of Being Church ” as the early Christians practiced;
2. To produce more BEC leaders for expansion and development;
3. To promote “communion of communities”; and
4. To establish programs in service of the poor.

In connection with the above, goals were set, namely:

1. To have at least a BEC cell in every parish in all the 52 parishes (now 53) in the diocese. Last year 44 out of the 52 parishes have BEC cells.
2. To raise the number of BEC cells in the Diocese by 25% or from 620 to 775 cells.
3. To create additional BEC formation teams either vicariate or parish-based
That will bolster the number from 22 last year to 50 in 2014.
4. To encourage holding BEC assemblies in parishes, vicariates and in the Diocese, and
5. To establish livelihood and/or cooperative programs among BEC cell members.

Strategies were suggested to carry out those objectives and goals, such as:
1. To conduct frequent Basic Orientation Seminars (BOS) especially in parishes where there is no BEC cell yet and/or where more cells need be formed.
2. To review, modify, upgrade the modules for Basic orientation Seminars that will be responsive to the needs of particular parishes.
3. To prepare/provide weekly BEC meeting guides.
4. To hold parish and vicariate assemblies at least twice a year and diocesan assembly once a year.
5. To promote the “Misa to Mesa” Program.
6. To hold livelihood and cooperative training seminars.

As the year is about to end, the following has been achieved so far:
1. In 2013 there were eight (8) which have none. Based on initial and partial data received at least two vicariates reported one each which have none.
2. Incomplete returns show there is already a total of 929 cells and increase of 309 from 620 last year (49.84% increase).
3. Almost all parishes with BECs hold BEC assemblies; some vicariates hold assemblies every month. The diocesan BEC assembly is held annually.
4. Livelihood and cooperative programs is still weak. By 2015 which is Year of the Poor, we expect special attention to providing livelihood and cooperative training programs.

Regarding the suggested strategies to attain the goals, the Diocesan BEC Commission has already reviewed the existing training modules and finalizing the contents and style on BOS, Evangelization and Leadership. The preparation and issuance of the weekly meetings have been institutionalized.

In the afternoon, the winner of the Song Writing Contest was awarded to the Vicariate of San Martin de Porres. They have received P5,000 cash prize. The winning song entry entitled “SAMBAYANIHAN” was composed by DJ & Aimee. The song-“SAMBAYANIHAN” automatically become the Diocesan BEC song. The Diocesan BEC Day ended with a Eucharistic celebration by Rev. Fr. Willie Ramos, Diocesan BEC Director.