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From August 7 to 13, 2011 the Diocese of Kalookan held a week-long BEC celebration with the theme: “Bagong Mukha ng Simbahan tungo sa B uhay na Ganap” (New Way of Being Church towards Fullness of Life.” The following are the objectives of the event:

  1. To reflect on the significance and implications of PCP II vis-a-vis the mandate of the DPP on building BECs towards the fulfillment of the Vision-Mission-Goals of the Diocese of Kalookan.
  2. To campaign for promotion, animation and establishment of Basic Ecclesial Communities in all parishes of the Diocese
  3. To strengthen coordination and partnership among social action ministries towards effective service to the grassroots level of the local Church.

The launching activities took place on August 7, Sunday, with motorcade within respective vicariates at 8:30 to 9:30 am. This was followed by the assembly at the San Roque Cathedral pastoral center where Bishop Deogracias Iniguez welcomed the delegates. During the program which started with the opening liturgy, a creative presentation of the theme was done by the various vicariates. After the presentation of delegates, the participating ministries were presented: Restorative Justice Ministry/SSDM, BECs with livelihood program. The activities of the BEC week were announced.

Day 2, August 8, the morning was spent in the presentation of the programs of the different Ministries followed by an open forum.  In  the afternoon a Job Fair was held care of Labor Ministry. Medical services were also provided.

Day 3, August 9,  a conference  was held in the morning on the theme: DPP and BEC with Fr. Constantino De Conti as speaker.

Day 4, August 10, the theme of the assembly was Simbahan/BEC at ang  Barangay. The speaker was Fr. Tim Guarin.

Day 5, August 11, from 2 to 5 pm, a simultaneous Vicariate BEC assemblies were held (5 vicariates) which focused on BEC Assessment and Planning.

Day 6, August 12, the first half of the morning was spent in the reporting of Assesment by each vicariate. At 10-12 noon, an input on BEC and PCP II was given by Fr. Amado Picardal, CSsR, executive secretary of the CBCP-BEC committee. In the afternoon, the synthesis and tentative DBM plan for 2011-212 was drawn out. This was followed by the election of DBM-CG.

Day 7, August 13, the  culmination of the BEC week was held at 8 am with a concelebrated mass presided by Bishop Deogracias Iniguez. The new DBM-CG  were inducted and the SSDM were commissioned. After the cultural presentation by selected parishes from the 5 vicariates Bishop Iniguez gave the inspirational message. Finally, Fr. Rudy Abao, MSC (diocesan BEC director) gave the closing remarks.

The BEC week was organized by a committee composed of: Fr. Rudy Abao MSC, Sr. Rosemary Plaza MSM (diocesan coordinator), Tess Soriano (lay coordinator), Ruby Dimalanta, Monica Bularan, Fely Libunao, Norma Toring, Warren Bularan, Star Llaneta, Maria Escot, and Jun Simon.

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  • Freidrich P.de Guzman

    says on:
    November 6, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    I would like to clarify something at the BEC levels. When we talk of BEC, it is clear to me that the objective is to bring the community as one (1) family to Christ by the Word of God. In our community, families shall be bounded by bible sharing, life experiences, prayers and worship and shall be guided by BEC community based “servant leaders” or catechists?

    I am just wondering why in our parish, the Block Rosary Movement (BRM) is being put under the umbrella of the BEC? The role of BRM is to promote the rosary and to encourage families to become one with Mother Mary in faith and devotion to His Son Jesus Christ. I was told that it is the structure within the BEC? However, looking deeper at what’s written here – it is up to the BEC to provide and develop techniques and ways in how BEC will be effective in the Parish. However, if there is already an established Block Rosary Movement which has another objective or goal in their midst and is already effective wouldn’t it be better if they work as partners in creating a KAPITBAHAYAN? Also, if this is the course of action in all Parishes, wouldn’t it be proper that the BEC take over the Block Rosary also so that it would be easy to facilitate their objective? Because I cannot see the objective of putting a group with specific goal under another group that has different goal – although the objective is both to bring Catholics nearer to Christ and our God the methods and ways of doing it is different but I agree that they can co-exist. Handling BEC is not an easy task and both needs focus. The word is harmony of both organization.

    I hope to receive your clarification on this matter so that once and for all, confusion will be avoided.

    • fatherpicx

      says on:
      November 8, 2011 at 1:55 pm

      Hi Friedrich, you got it right. The BEC is the church at the grassroots, at the neighborhood. The BEC is able to unite and integrate the members of various movements, lay associations and mandated organizations as well as those who do not belong to any group. The block rosary can be adopted by the BEC as one of means where the members can pray and meditate together the mysteries of Christ’s incarnation, public ministry and the paschal mystery. As you correctly observed, the BRM focuses only on praying the rosary together while the BECs is more holistic which includes renewed integral evangelization – a renewed catechrsis, renewed worship (praying and celebrating together), and renewed social apostolate (charitable work, social action, etc). While the block rosary can be used as a means for praying the rosary together and bringing the members of the block together, it can not be used as a structure of the BECs because it will reduce the BEC to a mere rosary-praying group.

  • Freidrich P.de Guzman

    says on:
    November 17, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply Father. I hope the BEC in our community hears you well. Because, as the coordinator for the Block Rosary Movement, I am willing to resign my position just to let BEC manage the Block Rosary Group. I cannot comprehend how they intend to integrate Block Rosary and their Bibliyarasal with such small numbers yet. I believe in the BEC’s goal and objective and I adhere to the will of the Church however, in everything we do – we do not do it in haste, the best thing to do is to let the community understand the importance of the Bibliyarasal.

    I believe that BEC should focus more in their ministry as well as the Block Rosary Movement continuously move to reach more families in our area. They should work hand-in-hand or in partnership, not to create confusion in hierarchy issues. Titles are nothing when we serve God but still, we need focus, planning and policies to implement what we want. Now, it seems like whenever the BRM does something they refer to it as BEC … which confuses some people … anyway, I have faith in God and I have faith in our Priest … I pray for things to become clear again and peace, understanding and compassion reign once more.

    Thank you Father.

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