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The Bibliarasal is a regular weekly activity of the Munting Kapitbahayang Kristiano or MMK (a BEC neighborhood grouping) in Sto. Rosario de Pasig Parish. This is usually held in one of the houses of the members who take turns in hosting the Bibliarasal. The members actively participate in singing, praying, reading the gospel, reflecting on the gospel and sharing their reflections. It’s also a time for a, little catechism and giving updates or announcement on parish activities. There are times when it can be an occasion for reconciliation like what happened in an MMK of cluster 4/Kawan of St. Michael Archangel under pamayanan (local community) of the San Jose de Patriarca.

On June 29, 2014, at 3:00p.m., the MKK gathered for the first time in the house of a family that previously refused to host the block rosary/Bibliarasal many times. The excuse given was that the mother of the family was often sick and was not open to entertain neighbors. When, Cora, the Pamayanan Coordinator asked the daughter if they could host the Bibliarasal, she suggested that Cora talk to the husband who finally allowed MMK to gather in their house.

So during this session, the mother, her married daughter and her children joined the members of the MMK. Although he did not actively participate, the father observed and listened nearby. The text that they used as the basis for reflection and sharing was the Gospel for the coming Sunday (Mt. 11: 25-30 “Come to me all of you who are weary…”). Everyone shared their reflection on the reading including the mother. The daughter also shared her own feelings – especially about her difficulties in life, including her strained relationship with her mother. After doing so, the mother asked her to come to her and the daughter immediately approached her mother who hugged her, the mother asked forgiveness and the daughter did the same. They were both crying while hugging each other and the neighbors who were present were also moved to tears. The feeling of hatred in the daughter’s heart towards her mother which she harbored for a long time was gone. The daughter understood at last why her mom was so strict towards her and she accepted her mother’s plea for forgiveness and reconciliation. Indeed, this was a moment of grace. Their hearts were touched by the Word of God. The Bibliarasal became an occasion for mutual forgiveness and reconciliation.

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