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On July 21-25, 2014, the annual preached retreat of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Manila was held at the St. Paul Center for Renewal in Alfonso, Cavite. The theme of the retreat: “The Ordained Ministry vis-a-vis the Basic Ecclesial Communities: A New Way of Being Priest for a New Way of Being Church.” During the retreat, the clergy had the opportunity to reflect on their life and ministry based on the Vatican II and PCP II vision of ministry and also on the priority of Philippine Church which is the promotion and formation of BECs. The theme of the retreat was chosen in view of the fact that the formation of BECs is a top priority of the archdiocese and of Cardinal Tagle.

The retreat was facilitated by Fr. Amado L. Picardal, CSsR – the executive secretary of the CBCP-BEC Committee.

The following are the topics covered during the retreat:

1. The Vatican II and PCP II vision of the Church and the ministry of the ordained

2. The Ministry of Pastoral Leadership and Communion vis-a-vis BECs

3. The Prophetic Ministry vis-a-vis BECs

4. The Liturgical Ministry vis-a-vis BECs

5. The Social Ministry vis-a-vis BECs

6. Ministry in the Church of the Poor

7. Facing our Dark Side and the Call to Conversion

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