BECs in Sts. Peter and Paul Parish (La Union)

Diocese of San Fernando La Union

  1. Community Description :
    1. Organizing Process :
    1. Story :
    • 449 family cluster of 15-30 families ; most of them are farmers (around 80 %)
    • Their social condition can be categorized as poor or below poverty line and average ;
    • hilly and mountainous terrain and hard to reach during rainy season
      • Ocular inspection, spot mapping and inspection of the target area(s) were done.
      • BEC was first presented by the Parish Priest to 48 active Parishioners in Church activities. They were given 8 months of formation. From this group were recruited to become catechist, BEC animators, Pastoral workers, Lay Ministers of the Eucharist and leaders of the Parish different ministries. Then the 30 Barangays were divided, introduced and accepted by all communities. The Barangay Pastoral Councils were organized, while training of potential and present leaders continue. Holy Rosary was introduced in the family clusters and every two months regular mass was scheduled for each Barangay. Arancel was abolished with a little exception during the first Parish Pastoral Assembly. Another Parish Pastoral Assembly was held 3 years later while formation and evaluation continue.
  2. The formation of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish into BEC was started by a Parish Priest delegate to PPC II. First the objective is for tithing. Then a systematic implementation of praying the rosary in all the brangays during the month of October. What probably pushed this parish into a vibrant BEC area is the continuous recruitment and training of leaders to man the ministries. But everything of course started from the leadership provided by the parish priest to date, the parish has two full time pastoral workers, 82 barangay based catechist, lay ministers of the eucharist and two priests. More or less the parish is able to fund adequately the programs of the parish especially BEC.