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From May 26  to 28, 2014, the Davao Archdiocesan GKK (BEC) gathering was held at the St. Francis Regional Major Seminary, Catalunan Grande, Davao City. There were some 176 participants, coming from the 34 parishes, which included 55 diocesan priests, 6 religious, 2 sisters and 113 lay leaders. Archbishop Romulo Valles and Auxiliary Bishop George Rimando were also present as the participants discussed the draft of the BEC Guidelines. This gathering was the culmination of the a process of consultation at the vicariate levels and among the clergy over the last two years.

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  • Milet Mendoza

    says on:
    June 4, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    The Archdiocese of Davao has shown pioneering work in strengthening and renewing BEC communities in Eastern Mindanao. The dedication of the Church leaders and the community leaders is inspiring. I hope and pray that every Christian community will be renewed with hope and compassion. God bless all your wonderful work.

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