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Archdiocese of Lingayen –Dagupan

Arcdiocesan  BEC Exchange

July 29-30,2011


 In response to the mandate of active involvement in building and strengthening of Basic Ecclesial Community [BEC] as an agent and target of evangelization and pastoral thrust of our Church, the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan conducted an Archdiocesan BEC Exchange with the Theme: Journeying Together Towards Prophetic Witnessing “hosted by Epiphany of Our Lord Parish held at Jesus Good Shepherd Development Center, Maramba Blvd. Lingayen Pangasinan.

  On the first day at 1:00-2:00 pm was the arrival and registration of 78 participants from the different parishes of the Archdiocese .The opening program started at 2:00 pm. A welcome address was given by Fr. Francis C. Posadas the priest moderator of the host parish. To formally start the BEC Exchange, a Bible Enthronement was done by our Auxiliary Bishop Renato P. Mayugba and then he gave orientation and the objectives of the    BEC Exchange. The opening program was ended by the presentation of delegates, distribution to the host barangay and direction of the travel going to the host BEC’s.

There was an acquaintance between the delegates and the host BEC’s. A warm welcome has been felt by the delegates and they were able to experience and observe the different activities of the host BEC such as the seven steps method on bible sharing and on what they are doing in their weekly activities. It was a learning experience to all the delegates as well as the members of the host BEC. The guide questions were very helpful for them because the participants were able to exchange ideas on how did they start and organize BEC, how has BEC helped them personally, in their family and in their community, in what way did they grow in their faith, how did they sustain their BEC, and what are the problems/difficulties/challenges they have encountered.  After the discussion the delegates took their supper at the hospitable and accommodating host BEC and after supper they were sent to the host families.

 On the second day, the participants were back at Jesus Good Shepherd Development Center. The day’s activities, started with the Morning Prayer led by Sr. Marcelle. It was followed with kumustahan with the host families/homes. Unfreezing and recap of the first day activity were also done. After the opening program, the delegates were divided into 11 groups for the small group sharing on the Significant Learning from their host BEC Exchange.

 Immediately after the small Group Sharing the participants reported to the assembly the consolidated significant learning from the host BEC Exchange. It was summed up that they learned:

 to get to know and deal with the other BEC delegates from the other parishes

  • the importance to read the bible ,meditate and live on its words/ message
  • the situation, experiences and activities of the BEC
  • the values of stewardship,hospitality,love,trust,,unity,cooperation,commitment openness  and friendship and how to live them
  • the  value of respect, openness, sincerity and sympathy
  • the different strategies in forming BEC
  • the seven steps method in  Bible sharing
  • to pray the Rosary with the Community
  • the importance and impact of BEC in the Community and in the Church
  • that BEC is an avenue of evangelization, catechesis, sacraments and service
  • the different ways in funding BEC activities


After the big group sharing on the significant learning from the host BEC Exchange,  Fr. Mario Sanchez gave an input on ICTHUS as vision and mission of our Archdiocese.

A Vicarial meeting was done for initial planning and election of the different Vicariate BEC Coordinators and their assistants:

Vicariate 1 Sis. Carmen Orpindo/ Raymund Paragas

Vicariate 2 Bro. Orlano Bartolome/ Vitaliano Valeri

Vicariate 3 Bro. Rodolfo Molano/

Vicariate 4 Bro. Nino Rosario/ Henry Bandong

Vicariate 5 Pelagia Quintas/ Mario Ferrer

 The BEC Exchange was graced by the presence of the guest speaker, FR. Amado I. Picardal the National Secretary in BEC. He presented the PCPII Vision of the Church as a community of disciples. He discussed the component, structure of BEC and its characteristics as Eucharistic, communion, evangelization, service and charity. He quoted from PCP II: “Ang BEC nagsasabuhay ng Pananaw ng PCP II sa Simbahang Pinagpanibag

Ang Iglesiang nilalayon natin bilang pakikipagkaisa, pakikilahok, at misyon, ang ating nilalayon tungkol sa Iglesia bilang bayang mala-pari, mala-propeta, at mala-   hari at bilang Iglesia ng Mga Maralita – ang isang Iglesiang pinagpanibago – ay kasalukuyang nakakatagpo ng pagpahiwatig sa isang kilusang pang-iglesia.  Ito ang kilusan upang isulong ang BEC.” (no. 137)

Ang BEC ayon sa PCP II  ay Sambayanan ng mga Alagad na nagkakaisa at nakikilahok sa misyon ni Kristo, bilang bayang mala-pari (ang bayang nanalangin),mala-propeta (ang bayang nagpapahayag nga salita ng Dios), at mala-hari (ang bayang naglilingkod sa panginoon at kapwa). 

 The BEC Exchange was concluded with the Eucharistic Celebration presided by Bishop Renato P. Mayugba DD with Fr. Fr. Francis Posadas,Fr. Amado Picardal and Fr. Vic Embuedo.

 The 2011 Arcdiocesan BEC Exchange was indeed a success. The participants learned much about the BEC activities and its importance to the Church. Likewise, the delegates were very thankful to the host parish and they believed that it was a perfect venue of the BEC Exchange.

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