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On November 30, 2013, Saturday at 12:00n.n.-5:00p.m. over 1,000 BEC leaders and members from 13 vicariates attended their 20th Archdiocesan BEC General Assembly and Advent Celebration in Cardinal Rosales Gym of Manila Cathedral School, Tayuman St., Tondo, Manila. The Holy Mass was celebrated by His Eminence Antonio Cardinal Tagle with other 8 priests. The program has a theme entitled, “Ang Mga BEC, Tugon at Pagkakataon sa Bagong Ebanghelisasyon”. It was hosted by Adonis “Ado” Garcia.

The flow of the program as follows:

12:00n.n.-1:00p.m. Registration

1:00p.m.-1:30p.m. Vicariate Roll Call

Opening prayer by Bro. Robert Sunga

National Anthem

Welcome Address by Msgr. Claro Matt Garcia, Vicar Forane of Espiritu Santo

Intermission by Vicariate of Loreto (Most Holy Trinity Parish)

1:30p.m.-2:00p.m. Advent Recollection by Rev. Fr. Alfredo Savado, SVD

Vicariate BEC Priest Coordinator

Vicariate of Espiritu Santo

2:00p.m.-3:30p.m. Holy Mass by His Eminence Antonio Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila

Co-celebrants: Fr. Benjie Ledesma

Fr. Carlo Bettante

Fr. Boy Libiran

Msgr. Matt Garcia

Fr. Alfredo Sabado, SVD

Fr. Joseph Matitu

Fr. Nesty Gungon

Fr. Mathew Park

3:30p.m.-4:20p.m Intermission by Vicariate of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Sta. Teresita Parish)

BEC Report by Tatang Mendoza

4:20p.m.-4:30p.m. Intermission by Vicariate of Sts. Peter & Paul

(Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish)


4:30p.m.-5:00p.m. Closing Prayer by Bro. Ed Cultura

The Archdiocesan BEC General Assembly is being held two times (2x) a year (Pentecost & Advent). The main objective is to gather all BECs in all parishes in the Archdiocese of Manila for the spirit of brotherhood. The Mobilization & Organizing Committee of ABECC planned a one (1) day program from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., but it was adjusted into half day program only to give way to our brothers in Central Visayas region, to help them recovered from typhoon Yolanda. The budget for food & prizes for games was donated to them. Also, the BECs brought clothes & other goods in the general assembly and offered in the Holy Mass.

His Eminence Antonio Cardinal Tagle highlighted his homily on finding the spaces in which the Basic Ecclesial Communities will grow in the grassroots level especially in urban cities, a way for new evangelization. He challenged everyone to share the mission of Christ, to share the faith to others. It is a call for all BECs to make the cities a “city center” for BECs. He encouraged everyone to go house-to-house visitation to share the word of God and to know their needs and help them. He cited that, the born again are radical in going to schools/universities to look for a new faces, new comers from the province and offer help to them such as room accommodation/dormitories, etc. and eventually invite them to join the “Bible study”. That’s how they filled-up the spaces, addressing the needs of others. That is the other challenge for us, what we could possibly do to BECs in the campus ministry?

Let us sharpen our eyes, our ears for the spaces for evangelization. Be vigilant in looking for the spaces to share the words of God to the community- spaces to help Yolanda’s victims. Let Jesus and Andres Bonifacio be our inspirations and partners in our mission for evangelization. “Behold God makes all things new!”

On the BEC updates, Tatang Mendoza, the Archdiocesan BEC Lay Coordinator reported that, The Archdiocese of Manila has 13 vicariates (6 in Makati District and 7 in Manila District) and it has 26 parishes. Seven (7) vicariates have already Vicariate BEC Team and two (2) parishes namely Nuestra Senora Dequia Parish and Our Lady of Assumption Parish have established their respective Parish BEC Team and it is in the strengthening stage. Fr. Benjie Ledesma, the Archdiocesan BEC Priest Minister is leading them to new evangelization through strengthening BEC. It is their common goal to form the BEC Team in the parishes continuously.

After the program, there was a distribution of newsletter entitled Halap, an official newsletter of Archdiocese of Manila Ministry on BEC Formation and Promotion.

A word SPACE striked me- Smartly Proclaim the Word of God and Act Consistently. Be an Evangelizer!

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