Welcome to the official website of the office of the CBCP-BEC Committee.

This website provides updates on BECs from all over the country. It contains resources (e.g. training manuals, modules, powerpoint presentations, video-documentaries, podcasts, etc.) that can be downloaded. Articles and reflections on BECs are posted. Documentations/ proceedings  of BEC assemblies will be made available. The website also contains various case studies and success stories about BECs. Basic data and information about the BECs/BEC programs in each diocese/parish will be posted. It will also contain the directory of diocesan BEC directors/coordinators and promoters.

You can help in developing this website by sending updates and news about your BECs, sharing your reflections and articles.

Fr. Amado L. Picardal, CSsR, STD
Executive Secretary

News & Updates